A little bit of history ....

Beauty View Farm celebrated its 160th anniversary in August 2012. Land on Snyder Hill was purchased on July 1, 1828 from the Holland Land Company by William Higby and the current partners' great-great grandfather, Harrison Payne. On October 11, 1852, George A. Payne bought the first acre on our present location.

Great-grandfather, William V. Payne, acquired the land in 1858. In 1897 Grandmother Ida Bertha Payne Scholl inherited the land. Many of these ancestors are buried in historic SNYDER HILL CEMETERY, which is maintained through a trust from Rich Dairy Products of Buffalo, NY, another family with roots in Cattaraugus.

Paul Scholl, Ida's husband, and Ida continued expanding the dairy farm and opened THE PEOPLE'S DAIRY in Blasdell, NY.

On December 10, 1952, Ida sold the farm to Richard and Maribell (Scholl) Reid. Their children, Ann, Paul, Mary Ida, and Cecelia now own the farm as a Family Partnership. The grandchildren, Oliver, Richard, James, Joseph, and Michal Kathryn, will be the future partners of BEAUTY VIEW FARM.

maribell reid 1937